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Rajesh Nagjee | CEO Mentor

Mentor of 350+ CEOs with a combined asset base of over $ 3.5 Billion

95% of CEOs fail to scale up their business and achieve big growth.

Their dream of creating wealth falters, shrinks and slowly dies …

They feel lonely at the top.

Stuck State

Is your business not growing at the rate you dreamed was possible?

  • Core Team does not take ownership?
  • Overall productivity is low?

  • Poor cash flows/profits?

  • Less prospects that convert?

  • Low customer satisfaction and loyalty?

  • Feel lonely at the top?

Rajesh Nagjee

My name is Rajesh Nagjee. I have mentored more than 350 CEOs with a combined asset base of over 3.5 billion dollars to help unlock their potential to scale up and build immense wealth.

I have been a serial entrepreneur having established and run businesses with a combined top line of over 400 Million Dollars. I was constantly looking for ways to achieve big growth in sales, cash & profits.

I invested over 80,000 hours, working with 24 coaches to master 14 disciplines to develop the CEOs Business Growth Program (CBG), a proven system to accelerate stagnating growth.

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Case Study Videos

Case Study Video – Niousha Ehsan, CEO, LINKVIVA Events

Case Study Video – Sajith Ansar, Founder, CEO, Idea Spice

How It Works

Rajesh helps CEOs dissolve uncertainty, frustration & feeling stuck.
He delivers a powerful learning experience to last your entire lifetime.
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Why Does Big Growth
Potential Stay Locked?

A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into
building a business that has the potential for big growth.

  • FRUSTRATION – Research shows that 95% CEOs get stuck with frustrating slow growth as they try to solve problems on their own.

  • FEEL STUCK – Everything you try doesn’t fulfill your ambition of creating wealth. Your dreams begin to falter, shrink & slowly die.

  • LONELINESS – You cannot escape loneliness without freely ventilating feelings of frustration, stress & anxiety in a safe space.

  • SELF DOUBT – All the good concepts from books and seminars haven’t worked. You feel there may be something wrong with you.

  • INEFFECTIVE – You cannot overcome lingering slow growth if you continue to think, plan and do the same things again and again.

  • STRESSED – You have low energy to make things happen. You feel demotivated, confused, unclear, tired, overworked, uncertain.

You Can Easily Make This Happen

Everything clicks into place & starts to work

  • Core Team takes full ownership to make it all happen

  • Productivity improves fast through coordinated action
  • Cash flows & profits grow by solving key bottlenecks

  • Prospects grow by an effective Go-To-Market strategy

  • Raving fan customers by focusing on key value drivers

  • A big shift in energy, no longer feeling lonely at the top

Get The Maverick Entrepreneur Playbook

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