Do You Really Know Your Prospect’s Buying Process?

I’m one of the most fortunate people in the world who has a very competent, accomplished wife who is a CEO of a landscaping and interior design company.

A few years back she was very troubled with our entire sales process.

She brought that up and we were like 40 people in the room and then, I said, okay, can you map out the sales process? She drew it all out.

And then I said, okay, it appears that you have systematically aligned everything to the sales process and you find that it’s not working.

But between selling and buying your sale is only going to happen when your prospect buys.

Maybe between the two, if you start focusing on the buying process, you might get different results.

And she is extremely diligent, sharp.

She took that on and the next thing I came to know is that she’s now orchestrated her whole process to map the buying journey.

One of the things that she worked on was that all the husbands of our prospects do not like to go shopping because the wife wants to buy all the best of everything, whether it is tiles or it is wood or carpets or whatever may be the case.

And the husband doesn’t have that much time to go everywhere.

So, my wife created a whole gallery and got all these elements which she stocks there and husbands love to come there.

It’s a one-stop shop for them with no time wasted.

They’re able to take quick decision and then just for a few things then they go out to buy the things.

Step by step when she mapped the whole journey her conversion rate, which in a normal landscaping and interior type of business is around 8% to 10% jumped to 35% and she’s continuously enjoyed that level of conversion because she has completely let go of the sales process and put the buying process as the axis on which she takes her prospect through that journey.

She’s no longer on the sales side of the counter.

She’s walked and she’s on the other side of the counter as a friend, as a guide, helping her prospects through the buying journey.

And I’ve heard her speak and somebody would say, listen, I want a swimming pool.

And she might go and say, there’s a swimming pool opposite to your house and you come from a conservative family and you also have house help.

Maybe the lady of the house is not going to use a swimming pool.

Why do you want to waste so much money? For her it’s great business sense to make that swimming pool.

But just by being honest, transparent, and a friend that is helping that family make the correct buying decisions so that they can enjoy their spaces for a long period of time, has earned her a reputation of being absolutely straight and she works on your side because they experience and there is no sales pressure from her.

It’s all the buying journey and being part of that buying journey, being their guide, their friend.

And then obviously she delivers on all of that.

That’s the second part.

Moving away from the sales process to aligning everything to the buying process will start creating acceleration to help you achieve bigger growth.

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