Pursuing Your Target Audience Can Be A Big Mistake

I learnt about demographics, psychographics.

I got very excited.

I did all of that work very very diligently.

I worked with my people and now we had our target audience extremely well defined from the demographics, where they are, type of companies, location, all that stuff, and psychographics is what kind of requirements and needs that they were looking for.

But everything that we did to try and connect with these people, the kind of results we were expecting, was a mismatch.

There was a very deep dissatisfaction.

I started thinking about this and then it occurred to me that I’ve got an ideal profitable target profile in front of me and I’m searching for these people.

Maybe they’re searching for the ideal supplier and if these two are crossing each other like ships that pass through the night, I will never be able to connect with my target audience.

Then I started reorienting my approach to not looking at my target audience with so much of deep dive commitment, I just got a broad picture.

Now within that I started looking for what is it that they’re looking for from the service or products that I was providing.

And then I started getting aligned to that and my narrative became aligned to that, my advertisement became aligned to that, and these people were then able to find me and that had a huge impact on my sales, my revenues, my success.

This whole conversation on target audience one really needs to think very carefully.

And if you flip it, that instead of you looking for your target audience with that much of total commitment, if you start making yourself present to the target audience and they seek you out, and if that connection happens with all their buying criteria, then the probability of success of connecting with that target audience, with that prospect and converting that prospect into a sales starts to increase.

The name of the game is probability of success because we just have limited resources of time, of money, of effort, of energy.

How are we deploying that to reach out to people? And can we get that balance between the target audience that we are defining and the target supplier that they have in mind? And if you can make that bridge and the connection happen, then there is a huge surge in engagement and sales.

Video reference number: 022017