Do You Suck Their Energy?

A car can only run if there is petrol in it. A phone works only when the battery is charged.

When I look at organizations, I find that nobody’s paying attention to the energy of the people.

We are so focused on our strategy, our execution, our business models, our different ideas that we are unleashing to produce the results that we want to produce, but all results come from actions and actions are taken by our people.

Good strategy is about energizing our people, to make sure that the energy is topped up so that they can go out and take all the actions that we need them to take.

I want you to just think of two spaces or two places where you can be standing.

One place is called “Something wrong here.” The other place is called “Nothing wrong here.” Now, what happens typically is when some result that you are after doesn’t come or the effort has not been put in, it’s so easy to slip into that place called “There is something wrong here” and then your emotions take over and you use that meeting as an emotional laundry which serves you because you tick them off. You said what you had to say, you are being the “great manager”, the “very powerful leader”.

But what did you produce? You produced an employee that is now leaking energy, there is no power, there’s no dignity left.

Now, you expect that person to go out and perform miracles.

It’s not going to happen.

If you stand in this place called “There is nothing wrong here” and there is this result that got produced which you are not happy with, now have a conversation by saying, listen, this is not what we want.

Now, let’s examine what are the steps that you took and then start going through the process by serving, mentoring, coaching your employee, you will get the correction that you want by retaining that one ingredient that’s going to make all the difference between mediocre results and powerful results and that’s energy.

You will conserve that energy. You will conserve their sense of self-worth.

Discretionary effort will start showing up in your organization.

Another thing that you can start looking at is the profuse use of the words – Should, Must, and Have To.

These three words do not energize people.

I walk in and my wife doesn’t give me a cup of tea, as an example, and I say “You should give me a cup of tea.” And every single day I do that year after year after year, that’s insane.

I keep on doing the same thing and then I finally realize that this “should” technology doesn’t work.

You’ve got to figure out another syntax, another way of articulating things that are not working, which leaves people empowered and they get motivated to start working to produce the result that we want.

Now, look at your own designation.

Now, some people have a designation of CEO. CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer.

Now, if you were to transform that to Chief Energizing Officer and start examining on a day-to-day basis what kind of energy did you produce amongst your people, take stock, reflect, meditate and see how you can improve on a day-to-day basis.

When you put energy as the center of what you’re doing to nurture your people, to make sure that there is energy, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe 7 days from today, maybe 15 days from today you will start getting some ideas that, okay, these are the things I can start doing, talk to them, ask them, speak with them.

It’s simple, provided you are paying attention to nurturing energy.

You start nurturing energy, results will start flowing.

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