Why Do Most Sales Models Fail To Build Success?

There are so many models out there which map the sales process.

But the one that I really, really love is very simple and has only four steps and I’ve worked with this for many years and I found it extremely potent, extremely successful, whether it is for my business or for my client’s.

The first stage is, Does this damn thing work? The second stage is, Will it work for me? The third stage is Considerations – Time, Cost, After Sales Service, all those kinds of considerations.

And the fourth stage is Procrastination.

Typically a prospect when he’s thinking of buying a product or service, he is examining that from “does the damn thing work?” There’s all kinds of social proof that you can offer to him and so he begins to get that, yes, this thing actually works.

The second stage is, Will it work for me? And it’s always a test drive of some way, shape or form.

If it is a car, you will take a car out for a test drive.

If it is something as simple as a pen, they’re provided all those little white pads all over the place where you can take that pen and you can test drive it.

You’ve heard that this particular make of the pen really, really works.

You are clear that this pen works.

Now you want to check whether it works for you.

You take it and you work it.

That’s the second stage.

The third stage are the considerations where that’s when you actually get into the negotiation part on the time, the cost, after sales service, spare parts, so many things, whatever is important and relevant for you. And then the last is, okay, this thing works.

It works for me.

Considerations are all tick, now what’s the hurry? And unless the prospect goes through all these four stages, they are not going to buy and therefore you don’t have a sale.

Now, let’s take this model.

This is a very simple model, but the real juice of the model comes next.

And if you look at the number of prospects that you currently have in your pipeline and you tag them that, okay, this prospect is at level one, this one is at level two, this one is at level three, this one is at level four.

And then when you look at the density, the density where you find the maximum number of your prospects are stuck, you want to take on that is perhaps where you are stuck in life.
Then maybe, they’re stuck in considerations and if you are stuck in considerations, you’ll find evidence of that everywhere in your life.

For example, waking up in the morning at 5 o’clock to go for a walk, but you have all these considerations, I slept very late and 5 o’clock, how can I do it? Let me do it at 7 o’clock.

And then 7 o’clock doesn’t happen.

You’re at the effect of considerations.

You are kind of fragmented there.

And unless there is a breakthrough that gets created there, there is no way in which you can take your prospect to the next level.

In some cases we’ve found that most of the prospects are stuck in the fourth stage.


Guess what? That person has got a serious procrastination problem and unless he resolves that there is no way in which you can take the prospects to the sale.

The law is very simple.

You cannot take anybody beyond the level where you’ve reached.

This process helps to work with the prospect in the outward journey and it also helps you to work in your inward journey to keep evolving and reaching a level where you can take the prospect from this level to the next, to the next, to the next, and also aligning everything so that you are able to serve the information in the right order.

Right order will take the person from stage one to stage two to stage three to stage four and then beyond.

And once you start working with this model, it becomes extremely powerful, very potent.

There are no places for you to hide.

There’s no place for your sales team to hide.

Because you can now look at your sales team and say, hey, give me an inventory of all the prospects that you’ve got.

Where are they? And you tag them, and then you suddenly find my God, this guy is in consideration.

This guy is in procrastination.

This guy’s not able to arrange test drives.

This guy is not even able to enroll the prospects on.

Does this damn thing work? Now you can individually coach them to create those internal breakthroughs for themselves so that they can then start taking their prospects higher and higher in a very effortless way and you’ll find that everything gets aligned.

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