How To Get Your Team Overcome Resistance To Change?

Skye Khilji: So, say I’m a CEO, I have a core team and I’m interested in bringing them into a program to help us grow the business. One of the fears that I would have is my team could be resistant to this kind of thing. How do you get the team on board with this kind of training and get us all moving in one direction?

Rajesh Nagjee: There is no simple answer to that. The best way for me to answer that question is to say I listen to what’s unfolding there and start engaging people in a conversation and ask them questions for them to start experiencing that this is a safe space for them to open up and a space of respect and a space of nurturing. And they start talking about small things and those small things then lead to slightly bigger things. And before we know it, we’ve got the dialogue that’s going around. It’s like logs of wood that you put into a bonfire and then as they start crackling up, the flame goes and there’s a warmth there, there is an inclusiveness, there’s a sense of belonging and there’s safety and there’s no ridicule. When these kinds of things they start experiencing they open up, and it’s always, always, always about very little things, small things. They don’t feel acknowledged, they don’t feel appreciated. They don’t get a safe place to speak. And once that gets supplied to them, I’m constantly listening for what’s missing in this team. And once that comes into existence for them, you can’t stop these people and alignment just shows up.

It seems to me that aligning a core team is a default condition but it gets displaced by little, little things. My job is to find those little things there and address them and dismantle them and remove them and the natural alignment between people begins to show up because we are a community at the end of the day, and as a community we want to belong, we want to participate, we want to create value. And most important, we want to be part of a winning team. And here there’s a platform that they can participate and then somewhere in the midst of all of that, I pop a question, and the question that I pop is: the sacrifices that your parents, teachers, and ancestors made for you, are you honoring them? And what’s the best way in which you can honor them? And the best way in which you can honor them is to create value, participate, hold hand with other people, let the business owner make a successful business so then he can start taking care of everybody that’s working in the business, the suppliers, the customers, and suddenly we have a community that’s working together, playing together and helping each other grow, and who doesn’t want to be part of that.

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