Why Continue To Feel Lonely At The Top?

Skye Khilji: One thing that I’ve noticed is a lot of successful entrepreneurs, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, they all rely on the mastermind principle. And I notice it’s something you pay a lot of attention to in your work. Why is that?

Rajesh Nagjee: To run a business it gets extremely lonely at the top. Business owners are all the time struggling with things which they can’t openly discuss with anybody for various reasons. There is no safe space that they can go and unpack and get insight and support and information and resources. Mastermind plays that role very, very powerfully. And I’ve been researching mastermind for very, very many years. And what I’ve found is that once a certain set of principles come together, a mastermind starts to work. A mastermind is defined as when two or more people come together in a space of harmony, a third mind is born. They can start accessing insights and ideas and thoughts and different paradigms begin to open up for you, which you can’t really access on your own. A mastermind, all these big, successful industrialists, business owners participate in a mastermind because they are able to leverage each other’s acumen and the sharpness with which they are able to look at plans and proposals. And that kind of helps them to increase the probability of success, eliminate the blocks, and be able to make things move at a much faster pace. Mastermind principle and the way we work in masterminds is a very deep and integral part of all the work that I do. I have done years and years of research and the masterminds that we conduct in our programs are amongst the best in this part of the world.

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