Why Remain Stuck On A Growth Plateau? Breakthrough!

Skye Khilji: All of us are interested in growing in every area of our life and it’s inevitable, it’s part of that process before long, we hit the wall and we start feeling stuck. What can we do to start growing again in each of these areas?

Rajesh Nagjee: For 25 years I’ve been studying this question, why do intelligent people get stuck on a plateau, whether it is in their personal life or in their work? And it all boils down to the Peter Principle that we all rise to a level of incompetence. So, unless we’re doing something to sharpen our competencies in each area of our life, we’re going to get stuck. What got you here can’t take you there. It’s very, very simple. There are nine areas which come from very ancient philosophy that govern every single aspect of our life. And unless there is progress in all these nine areas simultaneously, in balance, there is no way in which you can experience acceleration of results, experience joy, fulfillment, and happiness. At the end of the day, unless there’s energy that’s flowing, there’s no way in which you can sustain the effort that you put in, the actions that you need to take for the results that you want to achieve.

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